Fantasy Sports Mobile: Follow Your Fantasy Teams Through The CBS Sports App


You’re going to lay down the bets and get right to it. You know your team, you know who you want to win, you know who’s going to win. Gain total clarity on your fantasy football sports team with the ultimate fantasy football app—and it’s free.

CBS Sports has always been your go-to for sports news coverage. With the ultimate score app in your hands, you’ll be able to craft and draft the best teams, keep up to date on who’s winning, and who’s losing. The second the game’s over, you can call up your buddy and tell him to PayPal his losings to you. No need to wait.

But it’s more than just fantasy football. You’re following your favorite teams, the best players, and the ultimate news coverage of the best game in America. You want a reactive app, something that moves as fast as you do, and can keep up with real time live scores like it’s a cakewalk. You don’t stop, so why should the coverage?

No matter when news strikes, CBS Sports has the first coverage, and the most comprehensive overviews. If you’re all about getting into the nitty gritty of the NFL’s top trending news, you’re going to feel right at home. Get updates on players, deals, and even offseason coverage that you just can’t get anywhere else. CBS Sports has the hookup for you, and you’ll be able to handle all that power whether you’re at work, a boring family cookout, or at your kid’s dance recital. I mean, don’t let them know that, but the option is there, right?