Passive electronic components for beginners

You are just entering the fabulous world of electronic components. The first advice I would give to a beginner is to be patient. Electronic components can be a bit tricky sometimes and you need to have a lot of patience. In this article, you can find some information about passive electronic component. What are them, and what the term exactly refers to, are just a few questions you will have an answer to after reading this.


There are two main types of electronic components: active (batteries, transistors) and passive (resistors, capacitors). Passive electronic components are characterized by their inability to produce energy inside your system. The differentiation is made by determining if the unit needs power to function. A battery supplies energy so it’s called an active component. A passive circuit is an electronic circuit made out entirely of passive components. If you are looking to find electrical components at the best prices visit, one of the best electronic components search engines.

The exact definition of the term may differ from one engineering field to another. Different engineers will use the word passive to describe different things so you have to be extremely careful when you are having a discussion with other peoples. Always ask for clarification when you are not sure what the term refers to. Some books might contain references to this term with other meanings. It is really difficult to give this word a proper definition so you should use it by giving a context.

Some people use the term of passivity when they are referring to a stable component. The properties of stable electronic components don’t change. These parts will not be able to be stable in any given condition so this may not be a good definition. In control systems, passivity can also be used to demonstrate if they are stable or not. It is extremely important to understand the difference between active and passive parts. The definition might change depending on what you are trying to describe but the base remains the same.

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